Look, we know that this whole “rates rebates” thing is a world away from your comfort zone.

And thanks to the unscrupulous approach of some of the other business rate companies out there, you might be sceptical of whether this “actually works”.

We can assure you it does, and to set your mind at ease, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most common questions, together with answers…

  • I’ve tried this before and it hasn’t worked – why would this be any different?

    Unfortunately, there are businesses in this space who don’t do things the right way. They’ll promise the world without working out whether or not a client is actually eligible, and a lot of them will require upfront fees too.

    Most of those companies operate on an “appeal” basis, where they’ll question the “rateable value” of a property, but the problem with these appeals is that they’re not guaranteed. In fact, the rateable value could even go UP in those circumstances, meaning you’d have paid money for your rates to increase.

    We don’t do appeals. Instead, we investigate and implement legislation changes that WILL significantly reduce your liability, and in most cases unlock refunds that run into several thousands of pounds.

    We also never charge up front – if we don’t make you a saving, you don’t pay. And with a 98% success rate, you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands.

  • I’ve had a bad experience, why should I trust you?

    If you’ve had a bad experience, we’re very sorry to hear that.

    Unfortunately, a lot of businesses sell a promise of significant savings, but that promise has no relationship with reality.

    And if the savings DO exist, they’re often heavily tied down with small print, large fees and lengthy contract terms.

    Sound familiar?  We understand, and that’s why our proposal goes against everything else out there:

    • No Upfront Costs
    • No Saving, No Fee
    • No Risk
    • Success rate of over 98%
    • ‘One Off’ Fee on Success
    • 3-week average turnaround
    • Price Challenge – We will not be beaten on any like for like service quote
    • Client references available
    • Members of the FSB
    • Over £1.4 Million savings since 2017
    • Rated ‘Excellent’ on Trust Pilot
  • This sounds too good to be true…

    It does. But we can assure you, it really is good AND true.

    Because we use legislation to unlock savings for you, there’s nothing “sneaky” or questionable about the process – just a simple, straightforward way to save money.

    And even if you’re still sceptical, you really don’t have anything to lose – you’ll only get an invoice for a successful result, so you won’t be a liable for a penny until you’ve received a reimbursement and/or future savings confirmation in writing.

    If you’re still not sure, click here to view our Trust Pilot page and see why we’re rated so highly.

  • What does it cost?

    You’ll only pay a one-off fee of the saving that we’ve achieved for you, and you won’t get an invoice until the saving’s been achieved.

    In most cases, you’ll get a refund from previous years, so we’ll simply invoice you for a percentage of that refund, plus the saving we’ve unlocked for the current year.

    Obviously the work we do will give you an annual saving for years to come, but we won’t charge you a penny for those.

  • Am I tied into a contract?

    No.  It’s a one-off fee upon success, end of story.

  • How do you achieve Business Rates savings?

    We’re experts in legislation, and we go through it with a fine toothcomb to understand where savings and refunds can be achieved. If you want to know more, click here to check out our methodology.

  • Why should I use Roundhill Associates?

    Where to start?!

    Firstly, we’re different to the other companies out there. We NEVER charge upfront, and we only ever invoice when we’ve saved you money.

    Secondly, we’ve done it many times before – £1.4 million saved and counting…

    Thirdly, we’re very successful at what we do – over 98% of our cases have resulted in savings and refunds.

    Fourthly, there’s no risk – you only pay us if we’re successful.

    Fifthly, we’re quick – the average turnaround is just three weeks.

    Sixthly, you won’t be alone – we’re rated ‘Excellent’ on Trust Pilot, and worked with hundreds of businesses over the last few years.

    Last but not least, we’re not a corporate machine – we’re a husband and wife team with a little baby girl and a manic 6yr old boy, so if you like doing business with people, then we’re the business for you!

  • What’s the next step?

    Find out just how much with a personalised savings report! Upload your latest bill and receive your report – with no cost and no obligations.

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"Find out just how much with a personalised savings report! Upload your latest bill and receive your report - with no cost and no obligations."
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