You can save up to £1,120 on your energy.

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Let’s face facts: shopping for energy is a real chore.

Not exactly what you’d expect to hear from an energy broker, but bear with us.

You see, the truth is that – like so many others – the energy industry is broken.

Companies bend over backwards to bring you on as a customer, buying your loyalty with £50 referral rewards, all with the sinister aim of jacking the price right up just as soon as they can, and hoping you won’t notice.

And just like your car insurer, the more they can get away with, the more they will.

But here’s the problem:

Because shopping for energy is a chore, and doesn’t even get close to the top of anyone’s list of ‘fun things to do with my spare time’, most people don’t bother.

You might do a quick price comparison check, but chances are that you’ll do a half-hearted search, find something that looks alright, and sign on the dotted line.

We don’t blame you – we felt exactly the same way.

Until one day, we decided that enough was enough.

We already had decades of experience in saving businesses money in a whole range of other areas, and – sick to the back teeth of the energy industry – decided to make it happen in that area too, so we did.

And Roundhill Energy was born.

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    What’s so good about Roundhill Energy?

    • 1.

      We do it ALL for you

      Our goal is simple: to save you as much money as we possibly can on your energy bill, giving you money back in your business you can spend on the stuff that’s important to you.

      We know that the last thing you want to do is read reams of paperwork about energy consumption, kilowatts and all the jazz, so we do all the heavy lifting – searching for the best tariff, liaising with the energy companies and dotting the Is and crossing the Ts.

      When you work with us to reduce your energy bill, you actually do NO work at all – we take care of everything.

    • 2.

      We actually save you money

      Because we’ve got access to the whole market (rather than just a couple of companies), we can find you a massively wide range of deals that’ll save you money, whether you spend a couple of hundred pounds on energy a month, or a couple of thousand.

    • 3.

      It doesn’t cost you a penny (and there’s no hidden sneaky extras)

      We don’t believe you should pay commission on the work we do for you, so we don’t charge it.  We get paid through our relationships with the energy companies, with nothing additional for you to pay, besides your energy, obviously.

    • 4.

      We’re not a faceless, nameless corporate

      Roundhill is a family business – with a couple of external suppliers giving a helping hand here and there.

      When you choose Roundhill, you’re choosing real people, with kids, hobbies, hopes, dreams, and a dangerous obsession with Leicester City.

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    Whether you’ve got a month left on your contract, or a year, the sooner we start talking, the better placed we’ll be to help you save a significant amount of money on your energy bills.

    Find out how much you can save on your energy bills

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